The Cutting Room Floor

The Cutting Room Floor is a film and television production facility managed by International Film College on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. The Cutting Room Floor provides professional quality film, video and multimedia services for businesses, schools, government organisations, community groups, and individuals at a very competitive price.

Our experienced and creative crew leads you through all stages of production, paying special attention to your deadline, budget and the highest quality end result. Whether it is a straightforward promotional DVD or a complex music clip shot on 16mm film, all projects are handled with equal importance and our team keeps you involved in every step along the way to ensure your vision is realised.

Production Facilities

The Cutting Room Floor utilises all International Film College equipment and facilities. The College’s studio space is large enough to accommodate a car and versatile enough to be configured for a variety of film and television sets.


Some key features of the studio are:
  • 80 sq meter floor space
  • 5 x 6 meter suspended lighting grid
  • 5.5 x 3 meter green screen
  • Vehicle access
  • Green Room
  • Kitchenette