International Film College, in association with Tom McSweeney Productions, present this full time acting course that is 20 weeks (5 months) in duration.  The Film and Television Internship at The Warehouse Workshop is the first course of its kind, providing actors with the on-set, performance and production experience to adequately prepare them for casting calls, auditions and regular work within the industry.

Over the 5 month period the actor will participate in regular acting training, take several workshops with casting directors and prepare and shoot a short film.  They will finish the course with a film and television showreel and professional photographic head shots, ready to kick-start their acting career.  The actor will learn basic camera, lighting, sound and editing skills through practical application to understand the importance of screen continuity, as well as perfecting the art of audio looping in post production, often an unpolished skill for the most experienced actors.

The course runs three days a week.  One day a week is allocated to on-camera experience, with the other two days including camera classes, acting masterclasses and technique classes.  The actor will learn from several professionals trained in specific areas of acting techniques (including Miesner and Stansilavski) and film production.

The course is broken down into 4 terms within the 5 months that includes a final presentation, where the actors will have a chance to showcase their reels and development from this intensive course.

The course is designed to fully equip the actor in many areas completely forgotten by training organisations and universities.   This is the perfect course for people interested in an acting career in the film and television industry.

The next course is scheduled to commence in July 2013.  Please visit The Warehouse Workshop website for further information.